Stefanie Eroglu


Stefanie Eroglu is passionately addicted to Pole Sport since August 2011. She is the owner of Pole Sport Studio Berlin.

Stefanie has started Pole Sport at the age of 30 and is the living proof that one is ever too old to have fun. Stefanie found training at the Gym too boring and she loves Pole Sport for its variety and the intense body workout. Every Pole Sport training session offers new challenges and thus is never boring.
Stefanie teaches you the basic Pole tricks and spins, as well as how to connect them together skillfully. In her teaching, Stefanie attaches great importance to a sporty aesthetic. Her style is rather power-oriented and acrobatic. In each of Stefanie’s classes, you learn to overcome your fears and achieve things that would never have thought possible. Her Motto for every class: Laughing students that are happy and satisfied albeit bruises and hard work.


Stefanie’s Qualifications:
Fitnesstrainer B Lizenz
Fitnesstrainer A Lizenz
Pole Trainer Ausbildung X-Pert Level 1 – 4
Aerial Yoga Trainerin

Stefanie’s Classes:
Aerial Yoga
Aerial Hoop
Aerial Fitness
Static 1-6
Spinning 1-6
Kids Pole
Strong & Flexy