Lydia has basically stumbled upon Pole Sport by accident about three years ago. A friend saw a flyer for Pole Sport Studio Berlin and took her to a course.  After her first class, she could not move a muscle for three days anymore, but somehow Pole sport has still immediately put its spell on her. Lydia has no gymnastics, acrobatics or dance background and quite the contrary, her arm strength was always rather her weak spot. Lydia has trained hard to get where she is today and it would be a lie not to admit that low points were just as much part of her path. Meanwhile, she has however realised that Pole Sport will always be part of her life from now on.

Since 2015 Lydia also writes the blog Eat.Pole.Love. Follow her on Instagram.

Lydia’s classes bring you close to the creative and dance side in Pole. She teaches you Pole Dance and Floorwork elements to unite them into a creative choreography with music. You learn to sense the music  and how to put your body and the Pole into a harmony.

Lydia’s Qualifications: 
Pole Trainer Ausbildung X-Pert Level 1 – 2
Diplom Sporternährung

Lydia’s Classes: 
Creative Combos
Pole Dance
Exotic Pole
Strong & Flexy
Aerial Yoga
Static 2