Our classes

We offer a large variety of classes in our Pole Studio, guaranteeing that everyone leaves us happy.

POLE Classes

Trial Class
If you are new to our studio, please book a trial lesson first. You will receive a discounted price of 10 € and our instructors have the opportunity to meet you. During our trial class, we give you a quick insight into Pole Sport and all its various components. After the trial class, our instructors will inform you on which Pole level you are supposed to proceed.

Static Level 1-6
Static means that the Pole does not rotate. These classes are fundamental for your Pole career. Here, you learn your first Pole tricks and choreographies, floorwork elements and you build your strength. If you are a Pole newbie, you will start with Static Level 1.

Spinning Level 1-6
Spinning means that the Pole rotates. These classes are also fundamental for your Pole career. Here, you start learning some static tricks and later we also go upside down. This course is preferred by beginners who have climbing difficulties. If you are a Pole newbie, you will start with Spinning Level 1.

Our instructors choose your level for the Static and Spinning classes. Please do not book into a course on your own without talking to our instructors. At the end of each level, you are supposed to take a small ‘test ‘ and receive a T-shirt. These courses teach you a sound basis of Pole tricks.

Pole Dance all Level
In this class, you learn to unite dance, floor work and Pole elements in an exciting choreography. Allow your Pole training some variation and indulge in your Dance passion. Especially Pole newbies can gently and playfully build their strength in this course.

Creative Combos Level 1/3
You’ve finally mastered your first Pole tricks, but you lack ideas of how to beautifully get in and out of your tricks? In this case, you are exactly right in this course. Learn how to creatively combine your Pole tricks. Train your coordination and endurance on the Pole through a variety of short Pole Trick combinations. Level 1 is for students who have mastered Static/Spinning Level 1-2. Level 3 is for students who have mastered Static/Spinning Level 3 and higher.

Exotic Pole
Every second week, we offer an Exotic Pole class.Here, you will learn a sensual, sexy choreography to a song, on High Heels. If you want to try Exotic Pole, you can bring any High Heels with a bright sole. If you are taking this class for a longer time, we would like you to buy (and highly recommend) proper Exotic Pole High Heels. You can purchase them for example here.


Aerial Hoop
The Hoop (a ring hanging from the ceiling) gives you the opportunity to build up your strength and challenge your coordination and agility. This is a complete body workout is very different to anything you will have experienced so far!

Aerial Yoga
Aerial Yoga combines classical Indian Hatha Yoga with fitness and acrobatics in a soft and flexible hammock. Strengthen you muscles through this very different sport. Aerial Yoga is also particularly suitable for intensive stretching units and relaxation. Aerial Yoga offers you a variety of options for a balanced body workout, to stretch or just to relax.

The benefits of Aerial Yoga

  • deep stretches through your own body weight and gravity
  • Strengthening your main muscle groups through movement training with your own body weight
  • Strengthening your small muscles by balancing the instability of training in the hammock
  • Traditional Yoga positions can be held longer and more intense
  • Relief of spine and joints
  • Improvement of your concentration and balance
  • Discovery of a balanced body feeling
  • Relaxation by hanging and swinging in the hammock

We work closely with Aerial Yoga Berlin .

Aerial Fitness
An intense strength workout of a different kind. In Aerial Fitness, the hammock turns into your exercise equipment and challenges in in completely new ways.

Kids classes
We offer both Pole and Hoop classes for children. The little ones here are stretched playfully, build strength and learn the first Pole tricks. We focus on the acrobatic aspect of Pole training and mediate a healthy body consciousness, which harmonises balance and motor function.



Strong & Flexy
In this course, you strengthen your active mobility and stretch deeply. Here, we help you to realize your fantasy of getting splits or even  simply of improving your mobility.


You can see in our Schedule when which class takes place. Also, get to know our instructors. We are looking forward meeting you!