Conditions of Use

Our Conditions of Use are valid from April 11, 2016.

  1. All courses are paid either in cash or with credits.  No course can be entered without prior payment.
  2. Credits can be purchased with cash in the Studio, via bank transfer or directly via our online booking system SuperSaas.
  3. Every Cash Purchase receives a receipt.
  4. If a user does not use their SuperSaas account for more than 6 months, the respective user, such as the remaining credits will be deleted.
  5. We do not store any data after deleting a SuperSaas account.
  6. If an extended absence is planned, please message the Pole Sport Studio Berlin team and we will secure your credits and SuperSaas Account.
  7. If a user account is accidentally deleted by the system, it is the user’s responsibility to proof the amount of deleted credits.
  8. We take no responsibility for lost data, credits and reservations.
  9. Credits are not transferable to other persons. If you stop attending our classes and have credits remaining, you are not allowed to sell them.
  10. Within 24 no booking cancellation is possible.
  11. The user account is created and maintained even by the respective user. All bookings and changes have to be made by the user. The user is responsible for their user account, bookings, credits and data.
  12. In all other respects, our House rules apply. Please note.